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Thursday, June 30, 2005

De-Nile...the best medicine?

I've decided that being in denial rocks. If I don't face my sources of displeasure, then I can believe they don't exist. This is the way I'm handling Grandpa until I have to face the fact when I get to Florida. Hook, line, sinker.

Grad school sucks, but I have 5 more classes...and one huge project. Hopefully I'll get through it unscathed and relatively satisfied. Especially if you consider that I won't have to take another stinking class until February. How awesome is that!

Note to self: Why do people get freaked out when I cry? Am I that scary? Or is it that for once I'm thinking about myself and NOT about them?

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Aye Mami.

Bullet form since I'm that tired.

*Yesterday was rough. I'm still in a lot of denial during the day...but nights suck.

*Gunny Dunn is totally kickin my ass...or should I say abs. I'm feeling muscles (out of soreness) that I didn't know existed. Granted I still can't see them, but HOLY SCHNIKES I can feel em. I'd better have a 24 pack by the end of the summer.

*Played vball with the girls tonight. 20 peeps total. Numbers rise as a certain person isn't there. Coincidence? I think not.

*Had lunch with Erin and chilled with the Redgates this afternoon. Fabulous and awesome. Just what the doctor ordered.

Note to self: Why is it necessary to drive 40 mph when it is sprinkling? Can anyone clear this up for me?

Monday, June 27, 2005

Dios Mio!

Just when I think things are "calming down," I get the call from my dad. Grandpa Rogers died unexpectedly today. He's been having some health problems as of late, but his condition was stable. The doctors are unsure why he died. They think it may have been an aneurism. What makes it suck more is it is 2 weeks shy of my sister and I going to visit him for the first time in 5 years. Augh.

My poor mother is down there alone too. That pisses me off.

Conditioning started today...I'm already sore and we didn't even run. Tomorrow will ROCK.

Went out with Critter and Marisa on Saturday night...awesome time. I heart them.

Note to self: Linen pants are fantastic...especially for Rain Man. I've never seen anyone get that EXCITED about linen pants.

PS: It's fabulous to have my roomie and friends back from the Caribbean. Lots of stories...and rum!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

One more day.

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of AP training. Can I get a witness? 4 days in a row of 8-4 class is a form of torture, I'm sure of it. The best part has been the provided lunch. Clutch.

Open gyms started last night. Awesome. We had 19 show up...a far greater number than expected. A huge shout-out to all that are sore because of our hard core asses playing for 3 hours. Holla.

I hope the cruise is going well for my girls! I can't wait to hear how things are going/have went. I'm sure you all have stories for hours. Yipee.

The boy and I are "talking"...but he's not saying much. Patience is a virtue. We're slow outta the gates on this one.

Last thing...Traci rocks. I could elaborate, but really, she is the bestest friend anyone could ask for and I appreciate her being able to deal with my scatteredness. Thanks Diddy. We should go shopping more often. Mmmmm...Sephora....

Note to self: Never EVER underestimate the power of a good cologne. A boy that smells like heaven will ALWAYS get what he wants. (Right?)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Before I go...

Just a quick note before I head to see my bestest friend in the whole world...

Vikki: Have a totally kick ass time on the cruise! No more thoughts of all the crap that's buggin you and you can escape your experience in the body wagon. Creepy! Have a fab time.

Carol: Good luck at the new store. I know you'll rock their Cold Water Creek world...take names. You'll want a bulletin board of all the old people you've dressed. Hey, you never know, they could have connections...=P

Things in Michigan are, well, chilly! I shot some hoops with my Daddy last night. Just like old times. It's nice to visit here, but not gonna lie, I could never live in Flint again. Augh. Too many racist white trash jerks for me.

Note to self: no matter how old you are, Mommas still like to open the door and wake you up 2 minutes before the alarm goes off. Throw me a friggin bone here!

Friday, June 17, 2005

In the Mitt!

Awe yeah. I'm back in the Mitt...lookout! A non-eventful trip here to Michigan (I slept on the plane) has led to an awesome time here at the rents house. It has been chilly, only getting up to about 65 the last two days. But hey, it's friggin Michigan...could I expect anything less? =P

I visited with my college friend Sara yesterday. It's the first time I've seen her in 2 years and she's doing very well. We had a great lunch and talk about our lives. I forget how much I enjoy being around people that miss me, love me, and are dying to know about everything. She and her hubby Bob have a dog and a new house just outside of Detroit...it makes me totally stoked to see how happy she is. I miss her optimism.

Went shopping with the Moms today. Good convo, good times, and good eats. Had Middle Eastern last night (btw, we need some good mid-east cuisine in Naptown) and good a Big John sub for lunch today. Gonna spend some qt with my Daddy tonight and take him to see Star Wars for Daddy's Day on Sunday. Rock on.

Big plans for tomorrow: I GET TO SEE MY DIDDY! I'm headed back to the Ann Arbor area to see my bestest friend in the whole wide world. Look out. If the earth shakes, it's not cause there are earthquakes in LA, it's because two halves have joined in Ann Arbor. Ho!

Note to self: They say "don't ever forget your roots," but I think women in Flint have forgotten that when you bleach your hair, that phrase doesn't apply! Sheesh. Throw up the "W" for White Trash!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I'm retiring.

Ok ok ok. It has been nearly a month since I've blogged. Get off me. The long and the short of it...I'm insane. Correct. Let me splain.

I took a 3 week intensive grad class that met 3 nights a week for 4 hours per night. We had assignments due EVERY CLASS. I didn't learn much since the prof didn't teach: we did. I have never tried working on 3 hours of solid sleep for 3 weeks straight. I did get a 99%, so all is well there...but sheesh! I'll never do that again.

School's out for summer! Awe yeah. Teachers' last day was today, although I really haven't had full classes of students since they took their finals on Thursday. AND my general kids rocked! I had 4 kids get 100% and the majority of them got A's and B's. AND here's the kicker...NOT ONE OF MY GENERALS FAILED! I'm astonished. My academics didn't do as well, but I still had a high C average and a few failures. Not too shabby. If anything has gone right this 2005, it was that.

Raymond and I are "on a break." Things were going really well, REALLY WELL, until I asked him to come to to Michigan with me and meet my friends and family. So, we apparently need some time to think about our relationship and our priorities. It hurts, but I'm trying to remain optimistic that we'll be able to talk this through and come out stronger on the other side.

I am headed to The Mitt for a weekend of seeing my peeps and releasing this insane burden of shit that I've been carrying for several months. Between health problems, family issues, school, grad school, and other assorted funks, I'm ready for a vacation! I have to get back sooner than planned for AP training and grad class. Whopee!

A final shout out to my angels from this year. I am so proud of them and how far they came this year. We battled, we struggled, we worked our asses off...and in the end, the smiles on their faces in seeing their A's and B's on their exams made all of that worthwhile. Even moreso, their pleas to teach them next year as seniors made my sleepless nights worth it. Best of luck.

Note to self: Target has doors that don't open automatically. Sometimes you have to push them to exit the building.
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