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Saturday, April 05, 2008

We came, We ran, We lived.

Last Saturday, Schneeb and I ran the National Marathon in DC. As many believe that we officially lost our minds, we did indeed finish the 26.2 miles in 5 hours, 11 minutes and 54 seconds. We had an awesome cheering section of Baby Sister, Safety Jon, Josh, Kara, Airbo, McC, Trost, and of course Mr. & Mrs. Schneeb and JMack.

I have to say, although I thought my leg wasn't going to make it around mile 18, I felt really good when we finished. We finished in 1324 place out of 1387 total finishers. I finished 91 out of 95 runners in the female 25-29 age range. At least we can say we weren't last...although it was very discouraging when some runners (the real runners) were finishing the marathon as Schneeb and I crossed the half way point. =P

I don't think I'd run the race again, but I may do this same course for a half-marathon next year. It is an awesome way to get in shape for the spring!!

Note to self: The best motivation to finish a race is running through the worst part of DC. It's amazing the energy you find when you're a little worried...

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