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Monday, July 30, 2007

Life's a Beach.

Just got back from a weekend getaway to Dewey Beach in Delaware. Although weather had called for storms, we escaped the weekend with a few drops of rain, one hand-war with the ac unit, very little sleep, and stories that will go down with laughter for years to come.

I'd never been to Dewey, but I liked the quaintness. It has a lot of the same amenities and attractions as its counterparts (Ocean City, Virginia Beach)...but, there were fewer people, no boardwalk, and space to hide if you wanted to. We were right near the beach so the 2 minute walk RULED. You can't really do that in a bigger beach scene. There was enough soft sand for people to lay comfortably and we got to see a rather large group/family/pod of dolphins right off the shore. That was totally worth it.

And it makes me have to point out one not-so-tiny AMEN to the land of beach fashion: the board short. God was having a good day when He decided to create the many prints of the board short. It wins hands down over it's rival, the Speedo. You really can't go wrong with a board short...even old-man obnoxious flowers work well in comparison to the banana hammock. It leaves just enough to the imagination, yet accentuates on many a man some areas that deserve a little shout-out. So, to you God, I say THANK YOU for the board short. =) And thank you for accessible distribution as to make the Speedo a no-go for most men.

And who does a tall girl have to kill to get a towel that is long enough for the beach? Eh? What does Shaquille O'Neal or Yao Ming use? Can I get a witness for the sandy shins??

Note to self: Never underestimate the attractiveness of Jeep-blown, alcohol-soaked, chlorinated, salted, sandy, humidified, sunscreened hair. No really, it looked good. =P

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Best Buy?

Today's topic came to me with yesterday's unexpected burial of my tv. My poor tv exploded (smoke and all), which caused an impromptu Best Buy run for a newer, better version of my tube. After standing in the tv section for 20 minutes without a single probing worker hovering around me, it made me wonder...how do the workers know who to annoy?

Usually when I go to Best Buy (or any other store for that matter) without the intent to buy, I can't keep the store workers away from me. But yesterday, I walked into the store with the intent of spending a fair amount of moolah, and I couldn't buy a worker. They weren't anywhere in sight. And the kicker is that I was sniffing around the heavy artillery (the plasma/LCD tv section) where the big guns go. Nobody in sight. I even searched around the section of the store to find a worker lurking in the shadows. No one there. I could have been standing there naked and nobody would have known.

Why is that? Why is it that when you don't want help, they're annoyingly willing to help you? "What can I help you find today?" "Do you need to try that on?" "What size do you wear?" "Would you like to open one of our ridiculously high APR credit cards and save $2 today?"

Yet, when you actually NEED the help, they're MIA? Oh wait...that would require work. Dangit.

Note to self: Flat screens rule. Dukes of Hazzard still rocks. Bo Duke on a flat screen with great company=priceless.

Monday, July 16, 2007

But seriously...

Rough day today. I find myself questioning AGAIN why I'm a teacher. (But Turner, you're not in school now. How is it possible that you're questioning that AGAIN??) Well, after attending my second funeral of a student and noting that I've lost 5 in 5 years, it makes me wonder.

It makes me wonder a lot of things.

To me, there are few things that feel worse than hopelessness. Hopelessness loomed in the chapel today as we heard the eulogy of a 16 year old girl with a bright future ahead. Although I didn't know her that well, it was time for reflection on the others lost. I felt hopeless against the "invincible" teenaged thought process, the drug issues, the "it will never happen to me" syndrome. Is it possible to do this job and not feel hopeless? Is it possible to do this job and not invest and care in them (even the "challenging" ones)? Is it possible to go a year without losing another one?

Then the second notion hits: fear. I don't like to be afraid. I try not to be. What is there to fear? I fear feeling hopeless. I fear feeling the loss of a loved one. I fear that I could have done something to prevent some of these losses.

And I know that it's irrational, but is it possible to teach/coach these kids and not have that fear?

Note to self: People who cut in funeral processions should have to do grounds keeping in the cemetaries.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Can anyone tell me why my blog won't let me title anymore?

SO, today was day 2 of Turner's volleyball camp. I'm exhausted, but the 34 campers rule! This camp is the 7-9 graders...and I like the mix of half experienced, half no clue kids. They make me laugh, especially with the "sumos" in warm-ups. There is something particularly hilarious about them squatting to the floor and screaming "oootttaaaahhh."

The best news is that I have 3 boys amidst the sea of pre-pubescent estrogen. I can't stress how STOKED I am to have the boys. I have the grassroots of a men's team starting. The 3 are actually pretty athletically inclined and seem to enjoy volleyball...so I'm jumping all over them, gently persuading them on WHY they should continue to play volleyball... Stay tuned while I work my magic.

The unfortunate thing is that I'm supposed to have 4 former players helping me. Today, I had 2. Not cool. How did volleyball players get so unreliable?? Hmmm.

Note to self: Nothing tops a day better than double stuff peanut butter Oreos...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Happy Birthday McC!! Tonight's 7/7/7 at 7 party should rule!

So Billy, Jen, McC and I saw "The Jokers" play last night at Quig's house. It's a new band based out of The Beach and they were playing a tune-up gig out of the garage of a fellow cowoker. I've taught Z.Bob and T.V....and couldn't help but feel instantly transported back to the high school days of yore. Watching the local band play at somebody's house, parents around, other kids there but not really paying attention. Totally retro. They did a half-way decent job...especially since Z.Bob is not a singer (nor does he pretend to be), yet he is the front man in this band. He's come a long way since our Chilli Pepper renditions in Broadcasting. =)

So, other than the mass amounts of bug bites, last night was a trip down memory lane and fun. But it was hard not to feel like "that teacher" even though there were plenty of other adults around.

Note to self: Keep a can of Off in the car.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

More than meets the eye.


You have to see Transformers. It is AWESOME. I went with Adam, Christie, and Josh today and we were not disappointed. I was instantly taken back to the days of yore when the biggest concern of the day was who's house we were going to play Nintendo at, what Barbies we should bring, and wearing the right shorts as to not get burned on the big slide.

Ah, memories.

AND they had the original Optimus Prime voice. Does life get any better? I submit that it cannot.

Note to self: Popcorn cures all.

Monday, July 02, 2007

I left my heart in Greece.

Greece is simply amazing. Gorgeous. Awesome. Unbelievable. Amazing.

Team Currier just got back into the States today...and I am suffering from a severe case of Greek haze. I've been up since 3:30 am Athens time and it is technically the same time in Athens as I type right now...so I am the poster child of tired...and still in LOVE with Greece and all associated memories. =)

It was an unreal 2 weeks of disconnected-from-real-life bliss complete with sides of scenic views, white buildings, beautiful sunsets, and black-sand beaches. I wasn't a huge fan of Athens; Paros and Santorini were the best of the islands. In many ways it's good to be home...flushing tp, drinking from the tap, enjoying the deodorant-scented people, choosing clothes from my closet and not a suitcase. BUT, I have never NOT wanted to leave a place so much in my entire life.

There will be many more posts to come from this life-altering experience...

Note to self: Marble is slippery. Cacti are sharp. Crabs aren't worth it. Scooters suck. But we LOVE the Greek medical system!
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