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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Holy Crap!

Ok, so I have been insanely busy with school, volleyball, and my boy...but oh what an awesome time this has been!!

Here's the 411:
  • My 'Canes are headed back to their 3rd straight State Championship match tonight!! We'll face the formidable Reservoir Gators in the 3A finals...and hopefully the euphemism will prove correct that the 3rd time IS the charm!! I'm so proud of my Awesome 8...and anxious for the match to begin!
  • I never knew how many meetings would come with teaching 45 special ed students AND being a head coach. Screw SMAC voting and IEPs!!
  • My own team, the Titans, played in our first fellowship last weekend. The outlook is good...we did pretty well for a new team. They are playing right NOW at the U of Maryland. Unfortunately, I am with my 'Canes, calming nerves and preparing to kick some rear!
  • Justin and I are moving into a cute little townhouse around the corner from my current place in Naptown. We may be moving as soon as next week! I'm so excited! It all started with some alfredo noodles...=)
SO...hopefully tomorrow will bring happy news!!

Note to self: Hand lotion is necessary from August to November. Christmas shopping has already begun...for everyone else! Project Runway is back...and I get to "design" a new house! Schweet!
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