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Thursday, December 15, 2005


Ok. I don't care how hot you are. I don't care how great your body is (or how great you think it is). Friggin Tom Brady could walk into the gym and I would PUKE if he committed the one style sin to rival the speedo: MEN IN SPANDEX.

I have noticed that men at the gym I work out at are particularly fond of the spandex. No. No. No. Shorts. Strike that: knee-length shorts. I don't wanna see your bulge and neither does the old heart-attack-prone woman next to me. Keep it in the shorts. Whatever happened to leaving something to the imagination? PLEASE.

Note to self: I love brownies. I love Christmas cookies. I love wearing spandex after eating brownies and Christmas cookies.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Final Countdown.

One helluva weekend.

Started off right with a sleet day on Friday. Super sweet. I needed a free three-day weekend from those jerks. Movies with the boys then down to see The Boy at his place of work for a holiday par-tay, complete with Keeram eating everything with chocolate.

Saturday, after grading papers, it was off to McGowan's for the December version of the potluck. It rocked! Complete with super cute children, extra good food, and the desire to eat! Massive props to McC and the dip, Bol and the butter cake, and Sara & Casey's role as my leg warmers.

Today was spent at Arundel Mills shopping for Raymond's parentals and trying to get some odds and ends taken care of. Sheesh. I've never had so many problems getting stuff for holidays!

Note to self: What would be the ultimate Christmas/New Year's story? gift? event? What can I expect this year compared to the CRAZINESS of last year's flights, lost luggage, trips, and peeps met? =P

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Skee Ball!!

Ok, so I got to relive some of the most awesome games of my childhood on Friday night. I accompanied some super cool peeps to Dave and Busters, the Chuck E. Cheese for adults. Having never been, I was intrigued by what the big deal is about D & Bs.

First of all, Skee Ball rocks. It took me back to my roots...where I was too big to do any of the other rides and games at Chuck E. Cheese's. Apparently I still have the touch with those smooth wooden balls.

Secondly, basketball games rock. It was raining hoops when we stepped up to that plastic partion! Apparently, I still ahve the magic touch, even under the influence. =P

Note to self: Beware of driving games, ring issues, and ticket stealers.
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