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Thursday, March 22, 2007


First: Who knew how important tires are? Wait. That sounds stupid. Let me try again. Who knew how much tires really impact the ride of the car? I just invested (and I do mean INVESTED) in new tires for Anna and WHOA NELLY! She doesn't squeal, shake, wobble, spin, hydro-plane, or make so much noise anymore. I had no idea that those issues were all tire-related. I feel like a bad mom for not taking her in for new tires sooner...since I was scolded by the tire-dude for not buying them 25000 miles earlier.

At least I can play the girl card there.

Second: What about March makes us teachers so exhausted? Is it that there aren't any breaks of student contact? Is it that it is almost the end of the year, but not quite? Is it the weather change? I'm not sure if it is one or a combination of these things, but DUDE. I'm totally shelacked with work and no time/energy to complete it! Ick.

Note to self: Beware the Ides of The Htown Steppers...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Yin Yang?

First: massive props to R. Monroe for the token of Old Bay affection. I so can't wait to Garlic and Herb my chicken. =) You RULE!

Second: today's topic.

Contradictions. They can walk, they can talk. Are they necessary? Some might say that without contradictions, there'd be no opposites and that'd throw off the balance of the world. I say they are full of crap and OBVIOUSLY haven't worked in the field of education.

We educators get used to contradictions like "Get your students to produce higher test scores...but we're going to cut your funding and lessen your resources." But what drives me even more crazy is when educators create/force contradictions on each other without realizing it.

See what you think of this one:
Professor V shares her interview story. She tells of how the superintendent was impressed that she had a portfolio since he'd never heard or seen of such a thing before. Professor V then assigns the class to create professional portfolios.

Ummm...if you only had ONE person ask to look at your portfolio only out of CURIOSITY, then WHY are you making us do them? (And I feel it's necessary to add that I had to do one in order to graduate from undergrad...I took it with me on all interviews and job fairs and because so many people never asked to see it I found myself FORCING it on others to validate all of the work I put into it.)

OR how 'bout this one:
Professor V says you should put test scores in your portfolios. Not student scores, but YOUR scores from the Praxis exams (teacher certification tests). Then, in the same breath, she says that the only thing that employers look for in the test is a passing score, not necessarily the level of achievement.

Ummm...why bother searching for your scores then? Wouldn't it be rhetorical that we passed since we're CERTIFIED TEACHERS?

Note to self: Get a Ph.D. OBVIOUSLY common sense is not necessary to complete the degree process.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Old Bay revisited...

Perhaps the addiction is the packaging.

The yellow and red can has an appeal that is unparalleled in the land of spice. Most spices come in bags or round plastic containers that are undistinguishable. Not to metion the multiple spouts at the top to accommodate your taste of a sprinkling of the yummies OR a spoonful of zest. One can walk down the spice aisle and see that yellow can set itself apart from its inferior spice companions.

The Bay stands alone.

Note to self: See what is that largest size of Old Bay available. R. Monroe says it comes in gallon form...check the local Safeway or Giant to see who has the biggest Old Bay.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Old Spice? NO! Old Bay!

There is a culture here on the East Coast that is unmistakeable. Fast-paced life, seafood, and Old Bay. Anyone who has visited the East Coast has had a dish that was seasoned with the most versatile spice...and then has a hankering that permeates their own cuisine for the rest of time.

I remember my first taste of "The Bay." And then the desire for the spice made my dad make a separate container of "spiced ketchup." Then came the Old Bay eggs...and Old Bay chicken....Old Bay burgers. And so on and so on.

I bought young Vince a can of the Bay to take home to Chicago...and he apparently stores is on his tv tray for ease of access. Vinney had an Old Bay meal the other day were each dish was seasoned with The Bay....and is constantly telling me how much stuff he has eaten that he put the Old Bay on it. I'm sure his cereal is next.

Why is it so addicting? Why do we crave the Old Bay chips or Old Bay shrimp? But never crave Allspice Chicken or Ground Coriander Steak? What is in the Old Bay?

I've got one guess: crack.
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