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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Back in the Saddle.

Awe yeah. Today was the first day back to work at HHS. Yikes. It was awesome to see and catch up with the majority of my teacher friends. BUT it is amazing at just how much time admin can take up with meetings! Sheesh. It's like they think our classrooms will magically be ready for kids in less than a week.

The varsity volleyball team had their first official practice as a team today (cuts were last night). I think we have a promising looking squad. Height and speed is the name of the game this year. Hopefully we'll go beyond defending our Regional Championship this year. Whoop.

Note to self: Beware of allowing significant others to wash your clothes in their detergent. Then your own shirts smell like your significant other. It will drive you crazy (since you can smell them ALL DAY LONG)...trust.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

My life is over.

In other words, volleyball season starts tomorrow. Life...nay, freedom...is over. Every night will be devoted to the best game in the world. Every weekend is dedicated to the promotion of skills for the Htown High volleyball program. I love it...but I also love having the time to visit and chill with my peeps.

This past week I worked camp at St. Mary's College with Morris. Bitchy girls with attitudes and no skills. Lovely. But I got paid and broke a few of them down so it was worth it. I tell ya, I can tolerate a lot of things, but not eye rolling. AUGH! Needless to say, I'll be beyond stoked to see the Htown girls tomorrow.

By the grace of God, Raymond's parents offered to allow me to stay with them last week to cut down on my commute to camp. Awesome. And interesting. It was like vacation (not sleeping in my bed etc) but not since I was working and chilling with the boy's parents. I enjoyed myself immensely, especially since I got to hang out with My Boy majority of last week.

Note to self: Party rules to live by...1) Weights and alcohol do NOT mix. Resist the urge to lift while drinking. 2) Practice before you try to do a fireball. Do not light your fingers on fire unless you ARE drunk. 3) Don't blow flaming cans into the leaves. 4) Beware passing out in an open place filled with drunk friends. 5) Hide ALL markers for safety. 6) You are not a ninja, no matter what you think, so don't try to break boards with your hands, feet, or face.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Adams Morgan strikes back.

Had a blast celebrating Cathy's birthday in Adams Morgan last night. Despite the vow taken by two young ladies at the beginning of the night, both ladies were hammered by the end. Salsa dancing lessons on the fly, eating carbs at 3 am, the stomp/trip/and near fall incident, and a 10 mile walk to the car all were totally ridiculous and completely fun.

OH, and did I mention we went to a gay bar? Totally fun. Cheap drinks, only women get carded, and all the Will's and Jack's you can stand. Does life get better? YES! Because the men check out and hit on the boyfriend! HA!

Good times with The Boy...and a much needed weekend by both parties. Off to another camp this week....and GASP...the last week of freedom before school starts.

Note to self: Do NOT wear flip flops when salsa dancing with the friggin masters. You will undoubtedly lose at least one in the process...and they don't care. They'll just keep spinning you amidst a sea of men who are more than willing to dance with a tall blonde who OBVIOUSLY doesn't know what she's doing.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Hit the Btown with my parentals today. We went to the aquarium, which was awesome despite the mobs of screaming, sweaty children and their equally annoying parental units. We even saw footage of the new dolphin calf being born. Rad.

It is ridiculously hot today, so most activities are surrounding air conditioning. SUCH AS day 2 of crossword puzzle action. My dad and I trade off, which makes us doubly smart...we can actually finish the crosswords by helping each other out. Clutch.

Note to self: The riddle from the crossword today: What is worse than raining cats and dogs? Hailing cabs. HA. No please, don't thank me for that special light of comedy into an otherwise dull day.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Ladykillers

SO I finally went and played grass doubles at Crofton Middle last night. Heidi has been trying to get me out there all summer long and there has always been something getting in the way. Until last night. Oh Nelly. I knew it would be a totally different game than sand or indoor, but holy schnikes! It was fun, but sheesh, I couldn't play as well as I had hoped. Perfectionism lives on.

Dad came up with a name for the women's team that Heidi and I play on: The Ladykillers. Pun intended. Good one Dad.

Note to self': I'm gonna admit it. I'm addicted to On Demand. I can't stop. I need to know about On Demand support groups. Between Sex and the City and Bullshit...I might not ever have a life again. Donations to "Save Shari's Social Life" can be made to 1-800-loveher.

So I'm looking through this Hallmark ornament magazine that Vikki has stashed in our coffee table. Explain this to me. In what world do Scarlet O'Hara and the Mystery Machine belong on the same page? Michael Vick has his own ornament? What is the world coming to?

And secondly, what does it take to get your own ornament?
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