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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Moby Kicked.

I had my debut as an adult kickball player yesterday. Let me set the scene:

Time: 1:30 & 2:15 pm
Place: Washington DC National Mall, between the Washinton and WWII Monuments
Weather: A beautiful 70-something degree, sunny, blue-sky day

Result: 0-2, with the second loss coming much more smoothly than the bloodbath of the 5th inning in game one.

Overall it was a lot of fun. Team Moby Kick in the yellow shirts are definitely not there to win the kickball championship...but we will have good times in the beautiful weather. And heck, we may win the flip-cup tournament. It is just like elementary school playground kickball...except that we are all out of college and there are real rules that we must follow (some are more sticklers for those rules than others).

One of the highlights of the afternoon were the alternate team names we came up with for next season (which may not be suitable for younger readers):
-Ball Burn (as sustained by Jeff on his miraculous chin catch)
-We're here for Flip Cup or simply Team Flip Cup
-Last ones picked
-Gym Class Rejects

Note to self: Learn how to kick with your FOOT. Find way to cover lower shin bruise before the prom next week.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Are you serious?

I am shocked and completely dismayed at the news coming from Virginia Tech today. It is almost unreal. The news keeps showing shots of about 30 ambulances lined up on a road on the campus and sobering shots of students in fright.

As an educator, this is a nightmare beyond nightmares. Before today, school shootings had sort of died off from the popularity in previous years (I can remember 5 shooting/bomb threat drills during my first month of student teaching 5 years ago). But now, I fear the carry-over into our high schools...or spread to other college campuses.

I don't want to know about this story, but at the same time, I'm strangely drawn to it in confusion of motive. What could drive someone to do this? It appears to be carefully calculated, the classroom carefully chosen since it was an enclosed environment. Previous campus shootings were done outdoors, randomly, and by madmen atop clock towers. Augh. I can only hope that there aren't any ties to our families in Calvert. We have many students who have attended this school, and were there today...

Note to self: Loan my bullet proof bracelets and lasso of truth to the Virginia Tech police. Perhaps a ride in the invisible jet will help.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Follying is Fun!

So the end of the March of death came with an extra special send-off: the 2nd Annual Faculty Follies show.

For those that are unfamiliar (which I think is 1 of the 2 people who actually read this blog), Faculty Follies is a HHS staff-produced variety show used as a fundraiser for the school newspaper. It is meant to be FUNNY (hence the use of Follies in the title) and by no means a talent show.

We had a good crowd and a good selection of skits for this year...and for once, no major technical difficulties...unless you count the few times the students forgot to give us mics.

Brian and I KILLED with our opening act, Weekend Update. Although we shouldn't leave our professions and hop on the stand-up circuit, we got some good laughs (and a little soothing to our frightened comedic egos). Overall, we all did an awesome array of skits...from HHS Cribs, to Wild 'n Out, to showcasing our amazing Step skills. It was a fabulous way to end this horrific month and get a week off for Spring Break!

The parentals are flying in today for an early Easter celebration...so I'm sure there will be posts to follow our adventures.

Note to self: Not that anyone is counting, but we have 40-ish days with students left. Please hold all applause until the end...
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