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Monday, August 11, 2008


I have been avidly watching the Olympics since they began on Friday. I love the summer games much more than the winter games. And NO, it's not just because volleyball falls in the summer games. =)

But there is something that bothers me about some of these "Olympic" events.

The Olympics began in Greece as a competition among the elite athletes (get it, Athens--athletes) as a test of strength, speed, stamina, and skill. No one could be compared to these Olympians because they were head and shoulders above the "normal" Greeks as physical specimens.

Now we see the modern Olympic games. I don't doubt that every Olympian is the most skilled at his or her event. BUT, some of these events do not hold true to the strength, speed, and athletic quality that the Olympics was born out of. I don't think that air rifle is an Olympic-level sport. Fencing? Seriously folks, these are NOT athletes. They couldn't hold a candle to the training and physical strength it takes to be in any of the track and field events, swimming, cycling, etc.

I'm also not a fan of the judged events. This also detracts from the original intent of the Olympic games. Judging is too subjective to truly declare "the best" in the event. Although gymnasts and divers and the like are highly trained, strong, competitors, they leave their fate to subjectivity. And we've seen time and time again of the fallacy of this issue...judges not scoring because of prejudice, discrimination, or just plain idiocy (the Chinese women gymnasts were docked .10 point because the judges didn't like their uniforms).

So what is an Olympic event?
  • Running/swimming/cycling faster? Olympic.
  • Lifting more? Throwing farther? Olympic.
  • Scoring more points IN A PHYSICALLY DEMANDING SPORT? Olympic.
Therefore, ping pong is not a sport. It is a past time that should NOT be an Olympic event. Badminton is NOT a sport. It is a past time and NOT an Olympic event. If these are considered Olympic events, then we may as well have Olympic poker, foosball, billiards, bowling, bocce ball, and beer pong. They require the same physical condition and training as some of these other "Olympic" events.

Olympic competitive eating anyone?

Note to self: Find an event to get Olympified in.

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