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Thursday, January 25, 2007

We NEED another hero.

I played the best video game ever recently. Prior to this life-altering experience, I was partial to old-school games such as the original Super Mario Brothers (which remains the only game I've ever beaten) and Pong. I love the classic graphics, simplified controllers, and the basicness of the older games.

That is until I was forced to play Guitar Hero. And now I have a new addiction.

Against my will, at friend Vince's crib, the guitar controller was shoved into my feeble, uncoordinated hands and the next thing I knew, I was playing the opening guitar riff of Joan Jett's, "I Love Rock n Roll." This game is amazing. It is an extremely accurate experience of playing guitar. Left hand vs right hand playing responsiblities using a guitar-shaped controller create the feeling that one is actually a rocker...and you get to choose your rocker icon AND GUITAR to watch on the screen. The notes fly at your face on frets and as you hit the notes, the guitar part is played. And as I discovered, when you don't hit the notes, bleeps and bloops fill in for the missed riffs in the song track.

Now, all I can think of is who owns a Playstation 2 and has this game. I can't get the stupid songs out of my head and have become keenly aware of this strange desire to play a freaking video game.

Note to self: I am not allowed under any circumstances to purchase a Playstation 2. If so, I will never see the light of day again...but I will ROCK.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Frankie and the Drain.

Yeah I know it's been awhile. Shut it.

So, I've been to Chicago twice in the past month to visit sweet Baby Sister...and one thing that stands out as blog-worthy: her roommate's cat, Frank.

Frank appears to be a "normal" cat. He's probably about a year old, black back, white belly, and curiosity is definitely his middle name. BUT, the thing that makes Frank hilarious is his interest-nay, obsession-with drains. I have never seen a cat SO obsessed with drains before. Most of the time, cats are intrigued with the drip...batting at the droplets of water in a game of wits with the faucet. But no, not Frankie. He also digs the swirling of the drain.

During both stays, I don't remember a single time of using the bathroom facilities (including showering) alone. In fact, I'd bet that Frankie won EVERY RACE to the bathroom since he was there, waiting on the sink next to the toilet, to find out why I was there. Washing? Potty? Shower? Any choice is a good one to this freak-show. Frankie wants to see the water and the drain. He wants in on the "bathroom fun." He even hopped in the shower (seemingly by accident) once because he leaned so far over to watch the drain, that he slid in. Unlike normal animals who detest bathing, Frankie simply stood, feet spread apart, and stuck his nose down the drain. Again, NOT NORMAL.

I guess I can't really do Frankie justice without a picture...so maybe one will follow at some point...but seriously. Drains are in...spread the word.

Note to self: I love to hate the snow when traveling. I love to hate Peyton Manning and his freaking Colts. I love to hate how far my Baby Sister lives from me...sniff sniff.
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