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Monday, January 21, 2008

Reflections of Blue Knob

Last weekend, I accompanied the band, Justin Mack, to Blue Knob Ski Resort for some winter wonderland experiences. Here's the hit list of observations.
  • People slow down for flashers regardless of the flashers use. Even if the state cruiser is CLEARLY escorting some precious cargo on a wide flat-bed truck, everyone slows down to 35 mph on Rt. 70. Awesome. Do they realize this is the one time they can fly past and not get caught?
  • PA is COLD. The -13 windchill reminds me exactly why I moved away from the frigid north.
  • Blue Knob=Out Cold the movie. Watch it and learn.
  • Don't eat pretzels in bed even if you think you're being careful. Those little salt granules are abrasive and hard to see on white sheets!
  • Sheetz MTO rocks.
  • Wedges can fly...from my trunk into the middle of the parking lot.
  • Naps are completely necessary.
  • Never underestimate the number of times the phrase "I love you" can be used in 1 hour by numerous liquor-loving patrons.
  • You can have entertainment ADD. Be careful about the bands/djs you book. They may not mesh well.
  • The 1980s are alive and well on the mountain. Tight jeans were the number 1 offense committed by men. Huge hair maintained by Aquanet tops the list for the ladies. Only 1 pair of jorts were present.
  • Showers and deodorant are NOT optional.

Note to self: Open a dance studio for those who'd like to be corrupted by experiences of dj'd events.


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