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Monday, October 17, 2005

Odds and Ends.

1) Rome is awesome. If you haven't watched it, you totally should. It's history visually and with graphic violence and sex. It just doesn't get any better than that (it sure beats reading it out of some dry History book).

2) On Demand rocks. I can't stay up to finish watching Rome because my sleep schedule sucks. SO watching the part I slept through the day after is hotter than my classroom on a sunny day.

3) 5 matches left in the regular season. Great Mills & Leonardtown this week; Calvert and Thomas Stone next week; Westlake the week after. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting LARGER. And the girls have been playing so much better since we introduced/made-up the plays last week. I'll take some shred of credit for that.

Note to self: Buffalo Chicken Dip. Own it. Taste it. Keep it on hand. Imagine: cream cheese, bleu cheese, chicken, Frank's Red Hot, mozzerella cheese. Melted & baked. MMMMM.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fright? Fest

Six Flags Fright Fest? Hmmm. Not so frightening in the way one would expect around All Hallow's Eve. I was ALMOST scared once walking through one of the haunted houses. What was more frightening was how bad Joe the magician was...or maybe it was his scantily-clad dancing assistants. Bottom line: watch horror movies and eat popcorn to create your own fright fest.

Just gonna throw this one out there: WHY DOES IT GET DARK SO FRIGGIN EARLY? I mean, duh, I know it's fall and it's all about the Earth's orbit yadda yadda yadda. But this dark at 6:30 biznass is totally throwing my body off. It's only 7:45 and my head is saying go to bed, but my body is like, ummm, it's 7:45. I'm all outta whack.

Note to self: Some observations. Do not underestimate how cool xrays are. Do not schedule practice and team night on the ONLY DAY OFF FROM SCHOOL in the fall. Do not diss hockey. DO download the Best of the Muppet Show.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Let it POUR!

First: Don't try to go to Six Flags when it is drizzling, even if your tix say "rain or shine" cuz they'll shut the park down before you ride any rides. Apparently "rain or shine" actually means "shine or one drop of rain since we'll close if it rains more."

Second: It is harder than you think to find a puffy shirt to make a Goblin King costume...but you can find "Sexy" or "cross-dressing"anything at the costume store.

Third: HHS potluck represent! Vikki and I hosted the par-tay today and it rock-d da hizzouse. Good food, great company, fabulous time, perfect weather. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Even better, I am stoked that My Boy stayed longer than he originally planned.

Note to Self: Target bathrooms are GROSS. 5 stalls, 3 usable, 1 available due to funky smells and grunting noises from the other 2. Always use McDonald's pot-tees. They are more sanitary.

Friday, October 07, 2005

A Pieman...

Yup. Predictions were true. I got pied. I thought it would have been worse...but actually, the pie was tastey and despite half of it getting in my hair, it was funny.

I was excited to see all the Hurricane spirit at the pep rally today. A vast improvement from last years "lack-of-pep" rally. However...we got all fired up to have the game ON MONDAY. Due to rain, our football game was cancelled.

Note to self: No matter what people say or how politically incorrect it is, boys RUNNING in heels is damn funny. And there's something ironic about a pep rally for the only fall sport that hasn't won a game. Maybe we need to allocate extra pep to our football boys?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Panther Pride.

We played against Patuxent, my old school before I became a Hurricane. Although we didn't play our best match, we managed to sneak one by the Panters in 3 games. The best part of the evening was getting to catch up with my girls from Lusby. Katie, Katie, Christie, Chrissy, and assorted others. Sheesh. I do miss coaching/working with them. Good times. Great memories. Fabulous people.

GOOD NEWS TOO!!! No practice 'til Monday. Hail Mary full of grace. There is a God in heaven and he's SMILIN on me today. I needed a break from coaching to get my life back in order. Besides, my feet need a rest.

Tomorrow's the big Homecoming game. I will probably get a pie in my face. And My Boy and I have a homework date. For the first time in several weeks, life is taking a turn in the right direction.

Note to self: As much as I love being a Hurricane, a little part of me still can't hide that Panther Pride.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Spirit Week at Htown. Translation: A reason for kids to go absolutely bizurk and not get in trouble. Sure it's all fun and games...crazy clothes, painted faces...but sheesh. They get a little crazier every year. Or is it that I'm getting older?

FYI: Hanson is coming to town. That's right. MMMBop is making a comeback. Aren't they like, 40 now? Ok, so I'm exaggerating...but seriously...who would go and actually pay money to see them? Oh, yeah, did I mention that My Boy wants to see them? =P

But he has a shirt that says he dated the girl in the band...so that makes it ok.

Note to self: Never underestimate the power of chocolate. AND Happy Belated Birthday to My Boy.
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