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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Apocalypse?

So you know it's gonna be a bad day when:

a) Starbucks is CLOSED at 6 am?!?!?!? The workers standing outside the joint said their manager didn't show up...or something like that. I couldn't really make out what they were saying in my uncaffeinated state.

2) You hit every light on the way to work...and there's an accident that causes a massive rubber-necking back-up on Rt. 2. As if Rt. 2 isn't fun enough, add in the lights and the accident for a super fun time without caffeine.

d) But seriously, Starbucks was CLOSED. I just feel it's important enough to mention twice. How often does that happen? Batten down the hatches; the apocalypse is coming.

BUT, at least the day ended well with a sound 3-game win over Northern and the team looked amazing. So proud, so proud. And massive props to the awesome crowd!

Note to self: Soccer = democracy. Best words of the day. Who knew that the sport was also a form of government!! Leave no one behind. =)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Devils went up to NYC!

Last weekend was Marisa's surprise bachelorette party!! Jen, Amanda, and I donned our devil-horned headbands and whisked the bride-to-be off for a weekend of fun and adventure in the city of all cities, New York.

And boy, did we have fun and adventure. Here's the long and the short of it:
  • There is a hidden agenda on trains. Did you know that Canada Dry Gingerale and Mug Root Beer are high-class beverages? Because we were not in business class, we were not allowed to consume these drinks in the food car! AND because of that, we all wanted root beer and gingerale the whole weekend.
  • There is no such thing as too much blinking. Just ask Marisa.
  • There is such a thing as STARING...and because of our horns and Marisa's blinking, we got our fair share of that. We were even seated in the back of the Italian restaurant as to not draw attention to ourselves. Nice.
  • The Culture Club was a fantastically 80s joint. It came complete with 80s named drinks including the Bon Jovi, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Loraina Bobbit shots. Even in that context, I still preferred Bon Jovi. =) Marisa enjoyed her "bitches" getting the job done...finding the guys with the chest hair, shot-buying power, boxer-short guy, and even the freaky German ones who didn't understand what a bachelorette was. However, one must question the number of times it is acceptable for a dj to "shout out" the bachelorettes in the house...along with the shout outs to the alcoholics...
  • Catching cabs are harder than it seems...especially when you're blinking and have 5 "bitches" with you in devil horns. "What is this? Frogga?"
  • The day after was equally as awesome with Chinatown Canal St. shopping. We did the whole "dark-alley-van-weilding-secret-back-room" purse shopping gig. Although there were moments where we thought we were gonna die, it was FUN. There is a rush in sneaking into back rooms and basements to look at counterfeit purses. We also enjoyed our $4 coffees, $3 breakfast, $14 ruebens...and priceless time with fabulous people on a gorgeous day.

A huge hand to Jen for the coordination of the awesome event that I can't even do justice to in one entry. =) Congrats again to young Marisa and her beau. I can only hope that this isn't the last time we'll go to NYC for a weekend getaway.

Note to self: Never underestimate the power of the devil horns. And sliding doors on a bathroom without a fan are cool.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Logic Problem?

There is a phenomenon at Htown High that I must share: Stairway 5.

First...some background info to set the stage...
Stairway 5 is just outside of my classroom door. For the past 2 years, it has been an "up-only" stairway. FYI: "up only" means that students are only allowed to walk up these stairs, not down. There is so much traffic that the creation of the one-way stairwells is the primary form of crowd control for our Hurricanes. AND because Stairway 5 is just outside of my classroom door AND I am the ONLY teacher at that end of the hallway, I am blessed with the policing of the stairway and all of it's wonders. =)

Here's my dish.

Stair 5 is UP ONLY, and has been for 2 years. YET, nearly every period of every day I fight the battle of the upperclassmen who want to be THAT badass that goes DOWN stairway 5. WHY? Even more phenomenal are those kids who walk RIGHT UP TO ME and then sigh when I tell them/force them to walk back the other direction to go downstairs. Did I mention that there are several LARGE YELLOW SIGNS with "up" written on them and arrows that point "up" posted right by the doors, in the stairwell, etc. YET, every period of every day students try to go down the stairs.

Tell me, what is the appeal? Why fight the establishment? Why give me a hard time when it's not my rule? Why can't you just go away?!

Note to self: Amish parties are fun. Take backs are NOT cool. Kids that think brown-nosing is fun and cool are suckers. =)
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