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Saturday, February 25, 2006

The curse is broken!

Black Attack finally made it out of semis! It was fabulous. We also played the same flippin team in the finals as we had played in our first match of the day. AH! I hate losing to them though. We lost in the finals...but played pretty well overall.

The best part is that we play again next Saturday at the Armory at UMD. Sweet.

And I bid farewell to Adam last night. I can't believe he was only here for a month and now POOF! Off for training and then to Kuwait. Sometimes life really stinks.

Note to self: Whoever discovered ibuprofen should be knighted or made an angel or something. Whoever perfected the candy coating on Advil is next in line.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Holy schnikes! Good. Bad. Weird.

Good: Marisa, Jen and I had a BLAST on the Eastern Shore doing very girly wedding things. It was a nice quick getaway...and successful too! Dresses found, good food, curling, convo, and the all-important disposable camera. Couldn't have come at a better time! =)

Bad: Just found out that my good friend Adam is going to Kuwait for flippin' 2 years starting...mmm...next week! He was supposed to be here in Naptown for 2 years teaching at the Academy, now he's headed to N.C. for training, then to flippin' Kuwait with a M-13 and kevlar. SOOOOOO not cool.

Weird: The only sport that I've watched on the Olympics is curling. Every time I turn it on, curling. Even when I tried to Google something today, the friggin Google icon was curling. What the hell?

Note to self: Cheese and chocolate at The Melting Pot=Delish. Cheese, chocolate, and convo with Marisa=Fab. Cheese, chocolate, Marisa, and volleyball in one night? Perfection. =)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Eating my words.

It happened. We got about 10 inches of snow (which the weatherpeeps predicted) yesterday. It is beautiful outside. It's the kind of wet snow that sticks to the branches of the trees and makes you want to take pictures of it. It wasn't so beautiful trying to drive home on 97 last night when I could not make out where the road was vs the median...and it took me 30 mins to take a 10 minute drive. BUT...it's pretty today from the safety of my warm home. =)

Good times with the peeps yesterday...from PTing with Marisa, to watching Merlin get thumped by the Blue Devils with Heather, JB, and Adam, to Jen's potluck....tiring, but a much-needed day of laughter, apples to apples, and sports.

Note to self: Do not allow a 45 lb weight to roll on your foot. Chocolate chips make pancakes better. Sex and the City make pancakes and a sore foot awesome.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Danger Will Robinson!

I'm pretty sure hell is frozen over...


A) My worst, most unruly class was the best class today. I mean, silent, engaged, working on their research papers.

2) On the subject of engagement, Tom Brady is single again. Look out New England...I'm coming to stake my claim!

D) I ate 2 pieces of corn bread with dinner tonight. I have never liked corn bread. But I liked it tonight.

Note to self: Finish the will since I'm obviously going to die in the apocolypse that is going to occur very soon. Hey, I should eat more chocolate since calories don't count before an apocolypse.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Freudian Slips into my Classroom

Some days I realize how entertaining teaching really can be...like with our development monologue-esque presentations today. The kids were put into groups and assigned to present "Bob" at a certain age and explain his development through the theories we've covered.

Bob at age 3 proposes to his mother, who says she loves his father. Bob dramatically plots the murder of his father to make his mother available for nuptuals. Bob is then rejected and scarred for life when his mother turns him down again.

I laughed so hard, not only did I cry, but I almost peed my pants. Not only were they right on with Freud's theory and creatively integrate the other 3 theories into their performance, BUT this was a group of all girls, complete hams, and they had plotted out the execution of the performance flawlessly.

Note to self: Navy basketball stinks...but the halftime dodgeball game ROCKED and was so worth the $3 under-18-student fee I paid to get in. =)
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