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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ren Fest 2007

If you have never been to a Renaissance Festival...you NEED to go! And let me tell you why:

A) The food. Ren Fest is a celebration of food from the "Renaissance Era" whilst enjoying a slightly modern twist. You can get a gigantic turkey leg and steak on a stake. Who wouldn't want to honor the Atkins diet in a better way? There are healthier options (salads, wraps, etc), but WHO wants to be healthy at Ren Fest?

2) The meade. Not only is Ren Fest a celebration of food, but it also gives a huge shout out to the lagers and ales we all enjoy. 'Tis a tad pricey per beverage, but totally worth it in the way you get to carry the plastic cup all the way to the priveys every 15 minutes. =)

D) There is no better place for people watching EVER. There are shows, shopping, and activities (like axe throwing) where all the freaks and geeks from everywhere come to gather in celebration of their oddness. Not to mention the costumes!! Many of the patrons dress in Renaissance garb, complete with women proudly displaying their breasts in corsets and men in tights with swords. I'm telling you...it is worth every penny you spend on grub and meade to enjoy the "scenic" views.

As Billy says, "I'll put money on it that these people also attend comic book conventions." I added that Star Trek conventions couldn't be too far behind.

Note to self: Gyros NOT in Greece just plain stink.

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  • At 11:44 AM , Blogger MAMA said...

    And Do I want to Know How My Daughter was dressed?

  • At 3:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    For the record, there are a few truly fabulous places to get some most nonheinous gyros here stateside... you just got to know where to looks for'em... Maybe, when volleyball's done with, wifey & I will find some for you.. :)


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