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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Am I a Girl?

Here's the deal. I have never been one to be described as "girly," "delicate," "dainty," or "graceful." However, I think I am getting in touch with my inner girl. I know, I know...I should have warned you to sit down first. Relax, relate, release. Let me splain.

Sign #1 of the "girly" disease: caring about makeup.
Felicia is hooking me up on the Mary Kay tip. Her anti-aging tips and color consultation abilities have created a small monster inside this massive body o'mine that actually is CONCERNED about wrinkles, lines, and whether or not I'm a summer or a winter. Is it weird if I'm actually excited about getting new colors tomorrow?

Sign #2 of the "girly disease: desire for shoes
I almost tried on/bought a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes with my sister last weekend. Let me sum up: we went shopping on Michigan Ave., and I had a hankering for shoes. I saw what I have deemed as the cutest pair of shoes ever. And noticing the Choo label, freaked out at the price, and carefully placed them back on the rack.

Sign #3 of the "girly" disease: actually thinking about dropping $500 on a pair of black heels...that are "cute."
After placing the Choos back on the rack, I actually thought about opening a charge card to get the discount to justify the $500 for the shoes.

Somebody call 911 or the fashion police or the Ghostbusters...there is obviously something wrong with me. What is the deal?!?!

Note to self: Schedule a mani-pedi more often with the sista. Who new parrafin wax could be so fun. Don't underestimate the power of the inner girl...it takes the edge of frustrations with NCAA bracketology.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Shamrocks and Shakes

I heart St. Patty's Day in Annapolis with my posse o' peeps. Had quite the bunch giving the floor some much needed TLC on Friday night, but from what it seems, good times were had by all. From the Jihad that Brian almost had put on him by the cabby to swervy, wandering while looking for a 679 that didn't exist...thanks guys. It was sa-weet!

Needless to say, I woke up on Saturday with the shakes and the worst cramps I've ever had...to the point where I almost passed out in the shower. Lovely way to begin the weekend. Hats off to Casey for not totally freaking out on me when she heard my groans and gasps for air. =P

Note to self: Green makes people crazy, so whoever said that green is a soothing color is OBVIOUSLY not Irish. Car bombs still rock. I love blinking beads. I don't like green-shirt wearing drunkards who spill their car bombs all over me shorting out my blinking beads.

Friday, March 10, 2006

The hot spot...

...is in my classroom! Sheesh. It was gorgeous outside today and very warm (pushing the 80 degree mark). And you'd think that the genui (plural for multiple genuis people) at the BOE would KNOW that you don't need HEAT if it is warm outside. My poor babies cooked as they tested today.

Is it sick if I enjoyed watching them sweat it out and wondered if it was in fact the test or the temperature?

And can I get a witness for the weekend? Praise the God of all that is holy for the opportunity to sleep in for the 1st time in 3 weeks. Hopefully all of that rest will get me motivated to grade papers...a girl can dream can't she?

Note to self: Never underestimate the power of Dave n Busters...and an ironic movie...with Marisa...on a payday Friday. Sounds like I'm setting myself up for a fantabulous night of memories. Sometimes life is just good.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Nothing like a double whammy.

Taxes=retarded! I can't believe that I owe such a significant amount of moolah to GB and our freaking government. I hate that they take so much outta my hands anyway but now I owe more? What kind of world is this? I owe like 500 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers. And I don't even like bacon on my cheeseburgers.

Tournament yesterday=pathetic. We played horribly. Granted, we lost to good teams...but it is ridiculous that we can hang in there with good teams, but not put them away when it counts. We just couldn't get anything started and it was mucho frustrating. Hopefully tomorrow evening we'll be able to redeem ourselves a little. Sheesh.

Note to self: Is it bad if I look forward to the next installment of Sex and the City On Demand? Is it wrong if I never get tired of Friends re-runs? Is it weird if I apparently don't understand what is so great about Santino on Project Runway?
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